Venture Capital

has the potential

to shape

the future.

  • „We believe …“ shows that Venture Capital is transforming – exactly as society is.
  • „We believe …“ points out that every Venture Capitalist is part of the change.
  • „We believe …“ creates publicity for Venture Capital

Do you also have ideas about what Venture Capital should look like in the future? What role should Venture Capital play in society? What is your vision of Venture Capital? What social responsibility should Venture Capital assume?


Kevin (bm-t)

„We believe Venture Capital plays a key role in enabling societal progress.“


Elena (BonVenture)

„As pioneer in the German-speaking impact investing world, we believe that a clearly measurable social impact is a unique selling point and proof of credibility that also strengthens companies economically.“


Marco (DEWB AG)

„We believe in agile VCs focusing on sparring their portfolio – not collecting reporting data.“


Fabiola, Gesa, Bettine (AUXXO)

„We believe in a more diverse and inclusive VC ecosystem with a sense of responsibility for the world.“


Isabelle (Brightpoint Group)

„We believe in responsible investing VCs that make sustainability impact measurable.“


B.J. (neoteq ventures)

„We believe in making venture capital more accessible to a broader, more diverse audience by diving deeper into specific geographies, verticals and/or technologies.“


Alexander (seed + speed Ventures)

„We believe Venture Capital has to change the same way our society has to change. The companies we support will have an impact on the next decades. Sustainability will be one of the major guiding principles of the way we work and invest.“


Bastian (BCG DV)

„We believe VCs need to fight even harder for the best deals in future as there is high supply of capital, new kinds of investors entering the market and more transparency within the startup ecosystem available.“


Alex (Mountain Partners)

„We believe that in a high risk environment only VCs contribute the right knowledge and capital to support founders with their emerging business visions.“


Tobias (MBG Sachsen)

„We believe that successful Venture Capital will be always based on trust between founder and investor, although algorithms will take over a large part of our job in the future.“


Sebastian (hy Technologies)

„I believe that, despite or because of Corona, we see a strong appetite of early-stage investors to finance new business models. The capital is available in the market, the alternative investment options are mostly too expensive and thus limited. N26, Celonis, Auto1 and most recently Gorillas should give us confidence that we will see many more made-in-Germany unicorns soon. The next years will be gold-digging years for VCs with the right intel.“


Ingo (Zola Capital)

„We believe that the primary role of VCs is to challenge and support founders in all aspects, good and bad, on their missions to build sustainable and innovative businesses.“


Björn (Smartinfrastructure)

„We believe that VCs should support their regional startup ecosystem & young entrepreneurs in general in any possible way regardless of a financial investment.“


Romy (High-Tech Gründerfonds)

„We believe Venture Capital accelerates innovation and ultimately transformation of economy and society.“


Daniel (pd ventures)

„We believe Venture Capital is an important cornerstone to find the next relevant innovation jump for every industry.“


Ikarus (wi venture)

„We believe that every business must decarbonize to stay profitable. We believe that startups enabling this transition will become the most successful companies in the decades to come.“


Sven (Reporting.VC)

We believe that our VC ecosystem has to change. We believe it has to adapt even more to societal challenges to contribute to a better future for all of us.


Tim (F-LOG Ventures)

“We believe that Venture Capital investors need to focus even more on adding real value to their portfolio companies in the future.”


Marc (Minimal VC)

„We believe that Venture Capital per se will be commoditized in the short term. Data-driven VCs with an agile, hands-on and network-based value proposition will shape the next decade of entrepreneurs and a sustainable society.“


Peter (EnjoyVenture)

„We believe that investments will be considered more sustainable – in the balance of social impact and economic success. VCs will also implement data-driven methods to identify their investments in a growing number of technological innovations and exciting entrepreneurs.”


Alex (High-Tech Gründerfonds)

„We believe Venture Capital enables entrepreurs to transform the ever accelerating technological change into solutions for all the challenges we are facing.“


Jennifer (EnBW New Ventures)

“We believe the success of accelerating a sustainable future (people, planet, profit) will be maximised by endorsing diversity within our team and our portfolio and partners.”


Uwe (Genius Venture Capital)

„We believe that Venture Capital is a driver of economic and social change. That’s why we support technology-driven founders early on to make their ideas of a sustainable, better world a reality.“


Christoph (Main Incubator)

„We believe that Venture Capital is a very important key factor for a sustainable and wealthy society in the 21st century. With an investment approach that fosters technology solutions with purpose, we can take digital and ecological transition challenges and make the world a better place. But we still need more and even bigger European players in this awesome and rising VC market.“


Lennard (inVenture Capital)

“We believe that Venture Capital should be accessible for everyone. VC funds offer an attractive risk-return profile and an additional opportunity of diversification. Right now there are few options for retail investors to participate in VC growth and this has to change.”


Julia, Verena (Ventreneurs)

„We believe there is a huge untapped potential out there. Supporting overlooked founders is our mission. Many Venture Capitalists and Business Angels should follow suit.“


Maximilian (M-Venture)

„We believe in using Venture Capital to enable new social interactions for young people, strengthening togetherness, and fighting against loneliness.“


Hannes (Venture Partner)

“ ‚We believe‘ underscores the mutual ambition of all Venture Capitalists to enable visionaries to build ground-breaking and sustainable solutions that make the world a better place.“


Dirk (Vorwerk Ventures)

„We believe the European and German VC ecosystem has finally grown out of its infancy phase. Unlike in previous upswings, we believe this industry is here to stay, as we see plenty of opportunities ahead of us.“


Christiane (STIFT)

„We believe in people, innovation and change. For us, venture capital is a framework to build a strong innovation ecosystem to shape the future together.“


Melanie (APX)

„We believe in humans. Our responsibility and key to success as a VC is to find and support outstanding, diverse founding teams with original ideas, and ambitions to greatly impact people and our planet.“


Stefano (P101)

We believe that VC is the necessary gear to channel financial resources in an effective way towards bright minds and market driven innovations that will shape the future in a more sustainable and planet-friendly way. And this is even more true in Europe, where VCs and entrepreneurs have a natural proneness to be driven by real purpose. I believe this in the long run will make Europe the cradle of innovation and VC, if we are able to connect the dots in a true pan-European ecosystem.


David (First Momentum Ventures)

We believe that with growing competition in Venture Capital, the most important differentiator for VCs will be their personality.


Julian (GründerAtelier)

„We believe change cannot happen without a „mindset shift“ first. VC’s responsibility goes beyond fostering innovation and educating the business community: respecting every individual in our society needs to be at the core of our activities.“


Dennis (Faraday Venture Partners)

„We believe that venture capital should be more inclusive and have an impact by creating a better informed and more educated future generation of young adults.“


Cornelia (AVESTA BAC)

„We believe in a VC ecosystem where diversity, inclusion and sustainable financing are true values being carried out in each investment and thus successfully being part in building on our future.“


Tina (better ventures)

„We believe that entrepreneurs are most capable of making the world a better place. In everything we do, we should have sustainability and impact in mind.“


Marie (ECBF)

„We believe Venture Capital should usher the way to a world where not only we can leverage innovation to live healthier, happier and sustainably, but also one where society can enable talent.

This is why the topic of inclusion and representation is so vital (not limited to only gender), as talent exists naturally regardless of self-set boundaries.“



„What do you believe?“

„We believe“ is an initiative by Reporting.VC. As VC enthusiasts and software providers for VC companies, we believe that our VC ecosystem has to change. We believe it has to adapt even more to societal challenges to contribute to a better future for all of us.

We want to create a platform for VCs enthusiasts – like us – where they can describe how such a journey can look like. We encourage everybody to express ideas for the future of Venture Capital.