How should

Venture Capital

look like

in future?

Do you also have ideas about what Venture Capital should look like in the future? What role should Venture Capital play in society? What is your vision of Venture Capital? What social responsibility should Venture Capital assume? How should Venture Capital develop both internally and externally?

Soon you will be able to read what VCs themselves think? Stay tuned and see you soon.

„We believe“ is an initiative by Reporting.VC. As VC enthusiasts and software providers for VC companies, we believe that our VC ecosystem has to change. We believe it has to adapt even more to societal challenges to contribute to a better future for all of us.

We want to create a platform for VCs enthusiasts – like us – where they can describe how such a journey can look like. We encourage everybody to express ideas for the future of Venture Capital.

Hop on and be part of this journey.